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Haghia Sophia I. Mahmud Library and Sadirvan

Haghia Sophia I. Mahmud Library and Sadirvan

The library is located between reinforced buttress in the south of Hagia Sophia. The reading room and the entrance hall are inside the south nave of Haghia Sophia. The book store was built as a separate structure outside the body walls of Hagia Sophia. The two sections are connected to each other by a corridor within the reinforcement props.

The endowment of the building was established by Mahmud 1st (1730-1754) in 1740. The library was opened by Mahmud 1st, on 21 April 1740, with prayers.

The sadirvan (water-tank with fountains) , built by Mahmud 1st, between 1740-1741, has a typical classical sadirvan plan, and has a baroque style decoration on the facades. 

Although it is undocumented, Hadji Mehmed Aga, who is the famous architect of that period, can possibly be named as the architect of the building.

  • Date2009
  • LocationFatih, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Building TypeRegistered Monumental Building
  • CategoryArchitectural Survey, Restitution, Restoration Project
  • Project Site Area185+600 m²
  • ArchitectE-S Yapı
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