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Hagios Georgios Church

Hagios Georgios Church

The church, which is known as Aya Yorgia, is located on the opposite side of Mihrimah Sultan Mosque in Edirnekapı. The church, not recognizable from the street level, because of the high surrounding walls. There is a church building, open to worship. The other as a social and commercial building, with a big ceremonial hall and a kitchenette. There are three more building as the residence that one of them has historical value.

According to its first inscription, The Hagios Georgios Church was restored in January 1726. In another document, an instruction dated 1730 to Kadı Mehmed Rasit, the re-construction of the church was declared. According to the second inscription, between 1835-1840, the building was demolished and re-built on september13th, 1836. Hadji Nicolaos is known to be the architect of the church.

  • Date2010
  • LocationFatih, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Building TypeRegistered Monumental Building
  • CategoryArchitectural Survey, Restitution, Restoration Project
  • Project Site Area2030 m²
  • ArchitectTaksim Yapı
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