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Hüseyin Aga Mosque

Hüseyin Aga Mosque

Huseyin Aga Mosque, located in Beyoglu Istiklal Street has been built in 1594 (1003 hijri) by the Sheikh al Haram of Galatasaray, Huseyin Aga. In 2010 the building has lost its genuine characteristic, but the researches identified 3 different periods during its lifecycle. The initial construction of the building was known to be in the 16th century (First period). The second period was recognised to be in 1834, which was the major renewal of the building, by Sultan Mahmud the 2nd. The building was burned up in an unknown date, which then left abandoned for a long period of time. Then in 1939 National Directorate for Foundations restored the building with its surrounding walls.

The mosque was restored according to approved projects then was opened in 2014.

  • Date2010-2011
  • LocationBeyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Building TypeRegistered Monumental Building
  • CategoryArchitectural Survey, Restitution, Restoration Project
  • Project Site Area1170 m²
  • ArchitectE-S Yapı
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